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Team Up World was created in 2007 by visionary and philanthropist Lara Blume; We are a boutique consulting firm dedicated to philanthropy. With a staff and volunteers of more than 25 professionals in three areas of practice -Fundraising, Corporate-Charity Social Engagement, and Public Relations - our unique business enables us to draw from the appropriate experiences and capacities of each in designing solutions for our clients.

Team Up World is headquartered in Newport Beach, California and has regional offices in New York City, Miami, Florida and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Lara Blume

Little Rock Soiree - Women 2 Watch 2014

Lara Blume Women To Watch 2014
I turned my passion of giving back into a profession
— Lara Blume

Lara hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, a place very close to her heart and purpose. Lara's heart & soul speak of generosity.

Lara began her career in philanthropy at a very young age. Her parents served as role models as they would feed and provide work opportunities to homeless men in the streets of Little Rock. Occasionally, they would even bring them home for a warm meal. Her parents instilled in her core values that remained with Lara through her international travels and personal development.

This trait of giving back and helping others became second nature to Lara. She became president of Y-Teens, a non-profit group in Jr. High School. She then went on to lead volunteer groups under Tracy Steele at the Martin Luther King Commission. She became a role model and mentor during her time at the commission while speaking to young children about the importance of education and discipline.

Lara started the New York City based Reach Back Foundation in 2000. Reachback helped professional athletes operate their own non-profit organizations, and assisted in fund raising for their causes to enable them to give back to their communities. Lara has worked with some of the world's most renowned athletes in the NBA and NFL.

In 2003 after moving to Los Angeles to further her passion of service, Lara dedicated three years of volunteering to serve on the board of the Salvation Army South Los Angeles Youth Center. Through Lara's determination and resolve, the organization was able to raise capital for the center, implement programs for at risk youth and introduced the center to well known celebrities and athletes to garner further support for the center's causes.

Lara's current company, Team Up World was created in 2007 by like-minded individuals. Lara works tirelessly to create a change and help those in need. "We raise capital, create awareness and help foundations see their full potential. We are confident that if enough people team up, many lives can be changed through the generosity of others."

Lara believes that her work is never over and will continue persevering to help others raise awareness and funds for the same causes that are near and dear to her heart. She is working hard to build a legacy and that will touch numerous lives.


Lara's Personal Expertise:

Every nonprofit organization has unique goals, objective, purpose and outcomes.

What to expect  when you choose Team Up World as your fundraising consultant:

  • A precise exploration of your current development operations with specific, tailored recommendations.
  • Assistance for executive director and development staff to address fundraising and management issues.
  • A sustainable blue-print plan to help your foundation procure more funds efficiently and effectively.
  • Passionate, persistent, and dedicated board members who are able to succeed as both fundraisers and in holding their board responsibilities.
  • The ability to raise significantly more money for your foundation annually.